Polisario Front welcomes resumption of Confidence Building Measures

Chahid Al Hafed (refugee camps), March 22, 2014 (SPS) - Polisario Front has welcomed the resumption by the UN Refugee Agency of the Confidence Building Measures (CBM) aimed at establishing direct contact between Saharawi families on both skirts of the Moroccan occupation wall (Berm).
Polisario Front has appreciated the work UN Refugee Agency is doing to set up contact between the Saharawis in the refugee camps and occupied Western Sahara, and to hold cultural seminars, a source in the office of the Saharawi Coordinator with the MINURSO told SPS.
“We hope that the rest of programme, including the exchange of parcels, opening visits by road and establishing communication centers via internet,” said the source.
On this occasion, Polisario Front urged Morocco to fulfill its obligations in this regard so as to enable the UNHCR to carry out its noble mission with total transparency and smoothness, and without obstruction.
The UN refugee agency announced today, Thursday, that the visit flights programme of Saharawi families living in refugee camps and their relatives in the occupied Western Sahara under the Confidence Building Measures programme will be resumed next April 17th.
It should be recalled that the Confidence Building Measures (CBM) has been blocked since last August, due to Morocco’s obstacles and its intervention to the work of UN Refugee Agency. (SPS)