Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, SADR
 GOVERNMENT – 02.01.2012

The President of the RepublicH.E Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz

Prime MinisterH.E Mr. Abdelkader Taleb Oumar,
Minister of Foreign Affairs: H.E Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek
Minister of National DefenceH.E Mr. Mohamed Lamine Bouhali
Minister of Occupied TerritoriesH.E Mr. Mohamed Elouali Akeik
Minister of –InteriorH.E Mr. Hamada Selma Daf
Minister of CooperationH.E Mr. Brahim Mukhtar
Minister of HealthH.E Mr. Mohamed Lamine Dedi
Minister of the Reconstruction of Liberated ZonesH.E Mr. Belahi Mohamed Fadel
Minister of Economic Development: H.E Mr. Nama Saaid Joumani
Minister of EquipmentH.E Mr. Sid’ Ahmed Batal
Minister of EducationH.E Mrs. Mariem Salek H’mada
Minister of InformationH.E Mr. Mohamed El Mami Tamek 
Minister of CommerceH.E Mr. Abeida Cheikh
Minister of Justice and Religious AffairsH.E Mr. Bah Dih Cheikh
Minister of CultureH.E Mrs. Khadija Hamdi
Minister of TransportationH.E Mr. Babiya Chiaa
Minister Delegated at the Presidency In Charge of EuropeH.E Mr. Mohamed Sidati
Minister Councilor at the Presidency in Charge of AsiaH.E Mr. Mouloud Said
Minister Delegated at the FA Ministry in Charge of Latin AmericaH.E Mr. Haj Ahmed
Minister Delegated at the FA Ministry in Charge of AfricaH.E Mr. Hamdi Beiha
- Secretary of State for Documentation and Security: H.E Mr. Brahim Mohamed Mahmoud
Secretary of State for Youth and SportsH.E Mr. Mohamed Mouloud Mohamed Fadel
Minister for water and the EnvironmentH.E Mr. Hamdi Khalil Mayara
Secretary of State for Professional Training and EmploymentH.E Mrs. Khira Belahi
Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Women EmancipationH.E Mrs. Mahfouda Mohamed Rahal
Secretary General of the PresidencyH.E Mr. Daf Mohamed Fadel
Secretary General of the Government:  H.E Mr. Sid Ahmed Tayeb
Minister Councilor to the Prime MinisterH.E Mr. Salek Babih