Name: Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic
Location: The Saharawi Republic is situated in the north-west of Africa. It has common borders, in the north                  with the Morocco, in the north-east with Algeria, in the east and south with Mauritania and in the                   West  the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands (Spain).
Area: 284.000 km2.
Capital: El Aiun
Main Cities: El Aiun, Smara, Dajla, Bujdur.
Currency : Saharawi peseta.
National Day: February 27th .
Population: Approximately one million inhabitants, of Arab, Amazigh and African descent.
Language: Arabic (Hassania Arabic dialect ).
Religion: The Islam is the religion of the Saharawi people and the constitution guarantees the freedom of                        creed.
Political System: It is a republican, democratic system based on the principle of free and direct elections.                                 The Constitution enshrines the freedom of expression and human values and the                                             international guarantees of human rights, equality, solidarity and good neighborhood.
President of the Republic: Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz who is the Secretary General of the Polisario Front.
Natural resources: The country is among the richest in the world in phosphate and fish, with a coast of                                       1500 km. In addition to these two sectors there are potentially other natural resources                                   such as oil, gold, iron and uranium.