President of Republic reiterates call to protect Saharawi citizens in Sahrawi occupied territories

Birlehlu (Liberated Territories), April 12, 2014 (SPS) - President of the Republic Secretary General of the Polisario front Mohamed Abdelaziz renewed call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in protecting the ‘defenseless’ Saharawi citizens against the oppression and brutality of the Moroccan occupation forces, in a letter Saturday to UN Secretary Gneral Ban Ki- Moon.

The letter comes after the Moroccan occupation forces attacked Thursday a peaceful Sahrawi demonstrators in the occupied cities of El Aaiun and Smara, demanding the self-determination of the Sahrawi people, release of Sahrawi political prisoners and halt of plundering of Sahrawi natural resources. 

The Moroccan forces dragged and beaten the demonstrators without mercy or discrimination causing, in an initial outcome, more than 50 casualties of varying severity, some of which were transferred to hospital.  

‘Faced with this aggravating situation, we hold the international community once again responsible in protecting the defenseless Saharawi citizens from the oppression and maltreatment of the Moroccan occupation forces, and demand an international mechanism to ensure the protection of human rights in Western Sahara and monitoring and reporting on them,’ said the President Mohamed Abdelaziz in his letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon. (SPS)