SADR warns against Moroccan and EU plunder of Saharawi fishing resources

ADDIS ABABA, May 4, 2014 (SPS) - The Saharawi Minister of Development and agriculture, Naama Saaid Jamani, warned on Wednesday 30 April, during the meeting of the AU Joint Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture meeting between the 28th of April to 2 of May, against the Moroccan and European Union’s systematic plunder of the Saharawi fisheries in total violation of the International law.
The Saharawi Minister explained that his government would like to “express deep concerns and total condemnation of the persistence of plunder of the Saharawi fishing resources by the Moroccan force of occupation, the European Union and a number of foreign companies, that continuous this plunder with complete disrespect to the rights of this colonized and parted nation, and without considering the illegality of this exploitation. We are simply condemning here in front of you a clear-cut act of theft and plunder committed against an African colonized nation”.

He further estimated that “SADR is exposing this subject to you now, because of its seriousness not only for the food and nutrition security of the coming generations of the SADR, but also because we consider it a systematic theft and a dangerous threat to the environment, and above all a serious threat to the future of the political solution to the issue of decolonization of the colonized zones of the Saharawi Republic”. (SPS)