Cuban President reaffirms country’s unfailing support to Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination

HAVANA (Cuba)-Cuban President, Raul Castro, reiterated his country’s call to accelerate the process for granting Sahrawi people their “inalienable” right to self-determination and independence.
President Castro reaffirmed, in a meeting Monday with Sahrawi President, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Mohamed Abdelaziz, who is on an official two-day visit to Cuba, his country’s unwavering position towards the Sahrawi issue, calling for an acceleration of the process for granting the Sahrawi people their inalienable right to self determination and independence.
Sahrawi President, for his part, extended his thanks to his Cuban counterpart and expressed his full appreciation for the positions of solidarity-based principles adopted by Cuba towards the just Sahrawi issue.
The discussion between the two parties focused on many issues such as “the exchange of information and the developments on the international scene in general.”Sahrawi ambassador to Havana, Malanin Takana said, in a statement to  SPS that this meeting was “very positive” because it tackled many “important” issues, took place in a “fraternal atmosphere which reflects the friendship and confidence that exists between the Sahrawi and Cuban people and offers more prospects for their progress and their consolidation currently and in the future.” (SPS)