President of Republic visit to El Salvador, "another success" of Saharawi cause (Minister)

San Salvador (El Salvador), 01 Jun 2014 (SPS) - Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Salem Ould Salek stressed that the visit of President Mohamed Abdelaziz to El Salvador has been a success for the national cause, "highlighting the great hospitality with which the President of the Republic and the  delegation accompanying  his were welcomed that reflects the spirit of solidarity with the struggle of the Saharawi people and the highly regarded position of the Saharawi state. "
"All authorities encountered, both in the government or the Parliament of Salvador, have expressed their positions which reaffirm their commitment to the UN Charter and resolutions calling for the decolonization of the last colony in Africa, through fair and transparent referendum to enable the Saharawi people to pronounce their own future, "said the chief of the Saharawi diplomatic mission.
Various meetings of the President of the Republic with most delegations participating in investiture of the new president-elect of El Salvador, "also represented a genuine desire to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation with many Latin American countries" he added.
Among the heads of state and delegations met by the President of the Republic were that of EL Salvador, Ecuador and Bolivia, the vice-presidents of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, as well as heads of delegations of Mexico and Algeria.
The President of the Republic attended Sunday a luncheon hosted by the new president-elect of El Salvador Sanchez Ceren in honour of the guests of this country. (SPS)