Saharawi government and Polisario Front condemns Moroccan King’s will to continue violating international legitimacy

Bir Lehlou (liberated zones), July 31, 2014 (SPS) - The Saharawi Government and Polisario Front have condemned the will demonstrated by the King of Morocco in his speech delivered Wednesday on the occasion of the so-called Throne Day, to continue violating the international law in Western Sahara.
In a statement issued Wednesday by the Ministry of Information, the Saharawi Government and Polisario Front noted that the King of Morocco repeated the same words of intransigence in relation to the issue of Western Sahara, in debunked attempt to elude from the agreement signed by his father Hassan II with the Saharawi party under the auspices of the UN and AU in 1991.
“The Saharawi party records with deep regret the unwillingness of the Moroccan king and his government to deal positively and responsibly with the United Nations and African Union to bring about a just and final peace between the Kingdom of Morocco and Sahrawi Republic on the basis of the application of the 1991 settlement plan, signed by both parties and approved unanimously by the UN Security Council and General Assembly as well as the Organization of African Unity (OAU),” underlined the statement.
By occupying parts of the SADR territory, showing a lack of respect for borders and poising countries of region and Sahel with drugs, Morocco has turned to be the main source of instability in North and West Africa region. (SPS)