British supporters launch campaign on Twitter against Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara

London (UK), 29 March 29, 2015 (SPS) British supporters of the Saharawi cause launched last week a campaign on twitter against the illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco, calling on the United Nations Security Council to meet its commitments towards the Saharawi people and to allow it to exercise its right to self-determination.

 The supporters launched their campaign under the theme "40 years of occupation" in reference to the illegal Moroccan occupation of parts of Western Sahara since 1975.

 The campaign will continue until 30 April. It aims at drawing the attention of international public opinion on the silence of the international community on the last case of decolonization in Africa and the inability of the community to do justice to the Saharawi people.

 They call on all supporters of the just cause of the Saharawi people to massively join this campaign. (SPS)