Western Sahara: Security Council unanimously adopts resolution calling for intensification of negotiations

New York, April 28, 2015 (SPS) - The UN Security Council unanimously adopted Tuesday the 2218 Resolution on Western Sahara, in which it called for intensifying the negotiations between the parties to the conflict, the Frente Polisario and Morocco, in the aim to reach a jut and durable political solution to the question of Western Sahara.
The resolution called upon the parties to “fully cooperate” with the operations of MINURSO and calls upon them “to show political will and work in an atmosphere propitious for dialogue” in order to kick-off a more “intensive and substantive” phase of negotiations.
Petitioner at the meeting agreed on the need to overcome the current impasse, asking the parties to enter into urgent negotiations in order to reach a solution providing for the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.
Angola indicated that the African members of the Council voted in favor of the draft resolution because they are convinced of the role played by the UN Security Council to help the people of Western Sahara to exercise their right to self-determination.
Describing that the current situation as an “unacceptable, the Angola ambassador called for overcoming the current impasse by encouraging the parties to comply with the provisions of the relevant resolutions on Western Sahara.
China expressed support to the UN-led efforts to resolve the question of Western Sahara.
For its part, Jordan voiced conviction that the application of the terms of the new resolution would push for progress towards a lasting solution to the Western Sahara issue.
President of the Security Council underlined that the United Nations remains the only umbrella working to bring closer the parties so to reach a solution that takes into account the concerns of the people of Western Sahara. (SPS)