EU "concerned" about violation of human rights in Saharawi occupied territories

Brussels, 06/22/2015 (SPS).- The European Union (EU) reiterated, in a report, its "concern" about the situation of human rights in Western Sahara, constantly violated by the Moroccan occupation authorities, and expressed its preoccupation about the ongoing conflict in the territory.

In its annual report on the situation of human rights and democracy in the world in 2014, released on Monday, the EU expressed its concern about reports that say that conditions in moroccan prisons in Western Sahara are "deplorable" and the occupying forces continue to use torture against Saharawi prisoners.

The EU's report comes after the publication of recent reports by Amnesty International and the Norwegian Aid Organization on torture and violations of human rights perpetrated by the Moroccan authorities in Morocco and the Saharawi occupied territories.

The blows, sitting in painful positions, asphyxiation, as well as psychological or sexual violence are among the torture methods used by Moroccan security forces to have "confessions", Amnesty International had regretted.

The report shows that some people risk torture upon arrest and during their detention. Too often, the courts ignore the complaints and continue to be based on evidence obtained under torture to pass judgments.

Some people who dare to complain and seek justice are even prosecuted for "false accusation" and "false accusation of a crime," concluded the report, noting that impunity persists in Morocco. SPS