EU Court to give verdict “in few months” on Sahrawi appeal against EU-Morocco agricultural agreement

BIR-LEHLOU June 18, 2015 (SPS) –- The European Union Court examined Tuesday the appeal of the Polisario Front against the agricultural agreement concluded in 2000 between the European Union and Morocco, and the decision on this issue will be given in a few months, said a communiqué of the Sahrawi Information Ministry.

According to the communiqué, the hearing on this affair “was particularly intense during the hearing which lasted nine hours.

The affair was adjourned for further consultation and the verdict will be given in a few months.”

In 2000, EU concluded an association agreement with Morocco for the development of agricultural exchanges with EU’s countries.

The article 2 of this agreement provided that this agreement was determined by the respect of human rights and UN Charter.

“ This agreement was implemented in violation of rights proclaimed as such: Morocco instituted an exported agriculture based on the European and Moroccan funds and the massive exports are against the rights of the Sahrawi population,” added the source.

“The only objective of this imported agricultural model is to enrich the European companies and consolidate the Moroccan occupation by the collection of taxes and recruitment of Moroccan salaried employees. The real goal is to develop this unnatural economic activity which allows to keep the military occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco in the great game of economic colonization,” said the Sahrawi Information Ministry. SPS