President of Republic reiterates willingness of Polisario Front to ccoperate with UN

Shaheed Elhafed,  – President of Republic and Secretary General of the Polisario Front Mohamed Abdelaziz reiterated Saturday the willingness of  the Polisario Front to cooperate with the United Nations and its readiness to negotiate.

He also urged the international body to pay more attention to the problem of Western Sahara which lasted for a long time and give importance to cooperation with the African Union.

The President of the Republic indicated in a statement to the press following his meeting with the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Secretary General, Ms. Susana Malcorra, that the latter handed him a letter from Mr. Ban Ki-Moon in which he affirmed that the United Nations attaches importance to the problem of Western Sahara and intends to resume its efforts in order to give chance to negotiation, and they "share our expression of concern to the suffering of the Saharawi people, human rights violations, looting the wealth of Western Sahara by the Moroccan state."

The President of the Republic confirmed the UN envoy asserted the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon will visit the region this year, as an expression of the importance paid by the international body to the question of Western Sahara, he added.