The deterioration of Takberhealth’ situation

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, June 18, 2015 (SPS)  -The deterioration of the health of the Saharawi citizen TakbarHaddi day after day. Tuesday was hospitalized for the fourth time, the second in the past two days, after having vomited and coughed up blood.
  Ms. Haddiengaged in a hunger strike since May 15 to demand the clarification of the circumstances of the death of her son Mohamed LamineHaidala.

According to statements by the Saharawi mother, Moroccans offered to deliver to the families of Haddi the body of the young man killed in exchange renounce autopsy.

Despite the indifference of the international community and the government in Madrid and the worsening of his health, TakbarHaddi maintained his hunger strike "even if it costs him her life," in her words. SPS