Establishment of Tanzanian-Saharawi Solidarity Committee (TASSC)

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), 26 July 2015 (SPS) - A Tanzanian-Saharawi Solidarity Committee (TASSC), aimed at supporting the Saharawi people in their noble struggle for self-determination, has been inaugurated Saturday in Dar es Salaam by intellectuals, researchers, students of international law at the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDM) and artists, said a statement of the SADR embassy in Dar es Salaam.

In its inaugural declaration, the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Ado Shaibu, pledged to support the Saharawi people to liberate their country from colonial rule and manifested the commitment to sensitize the public opinion regarding human rights violations undertaken by the Moroccan colonial authorities against the Saharawi defenseless citizens as well as concerning the plundering of Saharawi natural resources.

Speaking at the event, the Saharawi Ambassador, Brahim Salem Buseif, expressed his gratitude to the members of the Committee - said he highly appreciate this great gesture of solidarity with the Saharawi people- and paid a tribute to Tanzania for its remarkable contribution in the liberation struggle of Africa, emphasizing that the establishment of a solidarity committee by Africans to support their brothers in other part of Africa goes in line with the legacy left by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Also, the ambassador gave a summary of the conflict confronting the Saharawi people and the colonial government of Morocco ending by an update of the latest developments.  

The ceremony held at The Tanzania-Mozambique Centre for Foreign Relations was attended by members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Tanzania. In his statement delivered before the audience, the Dean of the African Diplomatic Group H.E. Prof Ambrosio Lukoki, Ambassador of Angola, stated that Morocco must be condemned for occupying an African country saying that neither Angola nor Tanzania are to be considered really free until Western Sahara is totally liberated from the Moroccan colonial yoke.

The Ambassador of Algeria, H.E. Saad Belabed was among the invited guests who honored the event with their presence.

The event was witnessed by several mass media organs which, probably, will report about it tomorrow. (SPS)