UN called to immediately apply its resolutions on Western Sahara (conference)

Ljubljana, May 8, 2014 (SPS) - The Participants of the 4th Solidarity Conference in support of the people of Western Sahara, held in Ljubljana on Tuesday, have called, in a communiqué issued at the end of the conference, the United Nations (UN) to “immediately apply their resolutions on the Western Sahara by organizing a referendum on self-determination.”
The conference agreed on the following points:
1. Express strong support for the struggle of the Saharawi people under the leadership of their sole and legitimate representative, the Polisario Front and to reaffirm the Saharawi people's legitimate right to fight for their national liberation and to face the Moroccan occupation peacefully. Participants congratulate and support Saharawis in their fight for liberty and dignity,
2. To demand that the United Nations immediately apply their resolutions on the Western Sahara by organizing a referendum on self-determination, already accepted by the parties concerned in the 1991 Peace Plan and supported by the Security Council, guaranteeing it and having created the MINURSO for this purpose,
3. Call on the Slovenian Government and the Slovenian civil society to play its role in defending the human rights in the Western Sahara and providing the needed assistance to the Saharawi refugees and support the implementation of the inalienable right to self-determination and independence in accordance with the UN's charters and resolutions,
4. Slovenian Governemnt should demand the EU to exclude Western Sahara from the EU free trade agreement with Morocco. Slovenia should not accept that EU supports illegal occupation,
5. We propose to Slovenian Government to recognise Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic and work for the recognition in the EU,
6. Demand from the Moroccan authorities to put an end to their policy of denial of justice, massive human rights violation and to immediately release all the Saharawi political prisoners,
7. Strongly demand from the Moroccan authorities to allow free access to the Western Sahara territory to independent international observers, human rights organizations and foreign media,
8. To denounce the systematic sacking of the Western Sahara natural resources, flagrantly violating the stipulations of UN regulations which declare peoples sovereign to determine concerning their natural resources,
9. Appeal to the European Union not to allocate development aid to Morocco for strengthening its military and prison infrastructure where civilians of the Saharawi people, Saharawi defenders of human rights and Polisario Front members are languishing inside,
10. To ask the United Nations and all specialized UN agencies as well as the international community to supply the Saharawi refugees with sufficient humanitarian aid. (SPS)