POLISARIO bets on Saharawi people's belief in freedom and independence, says Addouh

June 9th School (refugee camps), June 23, 2014 (SPS) - The Speaker of the Saharawi National Council (parliament) Mr. Khatri addouh has highlighted that the Frente Polisario is betting on the Saharawi people's belief in their right to freedom and independence, adding that the negotiations under UN aegis is "a mean not an end goal."
During a lecture before a number of Saharawi cadres, Mr. Khatri Addouh, also head of Polisario Front's delegation to the negotiations with Morocco, stated that the negotiations are not a substitute for the fight, but rather complement and support it.
Reviewing the different tours of negotiations, the Saharawi official said that Rabat regime continues to escape from its obligations and commitments, particularly when comes to the Saharawi prisoners of war.
He went on saying that the plans put forward by certain parties as a basis for a solution to the conflict of Western Sahara "have failed" due to its disregard to the right of the Saharawi people to freedom and independence, adding that the so-called Moroccan Autonomy Plan has become "obsolete" being unrealistic and has nothing to do with the mechanisms of democracy.
He, in the same regard, said that the referendum is a based option, because it is line with international legality, democracy and the will of human being in the free choice.
Holding the United Nations the historic, legal and ethical responsibility, head of the Saharawi negotiating team emphasized that the attempt to deviate the Saharawi cause from its real and historic track is a "failed manoeuvre before the commitment by the Saharawis and Polisario Front to the respect for international legitimacy.
"The international community has come out with the conclusion that a solution to the Saharawi cause must take into account the will of the Saharawi people to decide their own future, called upon by UN resolutions as expressed in Secretary-General's latest report," underlined Mr. Khatri Addouh.
President of Saharawi Parliament revealed that the Moroccan regime still refuses to cooperate with UN efforts and endeavours undertaken by mediator Christopher Ross, despite the UN Security Council's latest recommendations.
Hoping that next April will be "a turning point", he recalled that the Saharawi party has "pressure papers" in light of the "favourable" regional and international changes and the climate of democracy and respect for human rights, but, he added, more essentially the mobilization by Sahrawi people, led by the Polisario Front, around the option of independence.
"Morocco is no longer of that great geo-strategic importance in North Africa and in the world as a whole," he pointed out.
By using dirty methods of war including exporting terrorism and drugs, the Moroccan occupation are trying desperately to tarnish the image of the struggle of the Saharawi people and their just cause, he pointed out. (SPS)