Hearing on appeal of Polisario against agricultural agreement between EU, Morocco scheduled mid-June

LUXEMBOURGJune10, 2015 (SPS) - The court of the European Union (EU) in Luxembourg has set the date of June 15 for the hearing on the appeal of the Polisario Front against the agricultural agreement between the EU and Morocco, including the occupied territories Western Sahara, said a statement.

The statement recalls the Polisario Front has presented on 19 November 2012 an appeal to the EU Court against the enhancement agreement of 8 March 2012 of the agricultural agreement between the EU and Morocco, for two main patterns.

First, the EU is unable to conclude a treaty that actually applies to Western Sahara so that no European state recognizes Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Besides, it cannot develop privileged relations with Morocco, while Morocco, by colonization of Western Sahara, violates fundamental rights.

The action concerns the decision of the Council of the European Union, a signatory to the Agreement, and in a second step, the European Commission has chosen to intervene in the proceedings. SPS