Saharawi President urges UN chief to intervene over hunger striker Tekber Haddi issue

BIR LAHLOU(Occupied Territories) June 10, 2015 (SPS) - Saharawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz called on UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, on Tuesday, to urgently intervene in the case of Saharawi citizen Tekber Haddi, who is on hunger strike after the murder of his son by Moroccan settlers in occupied al-Ayun, and whose demands are disregarded by Moroccan authorities.

"We draw your attention to the serious health condition of citizen Tekber Heddi, the mother of victim Mohamed Lemine Haidalla, and who is on an open hunger strike outside the Consulate of Morocco in Las Palmas, Spain, since 15 May 2015, and whose demands are disregarded by the Moroccan occupying power," Mohamed Abdelaziz, president of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and secretary-general of the Polisario Front, said in a letter he sent to Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday.

Mohamed Lemine Haidalla died on 8 February 2015, at a hospital in the Moroccan town of Agadir, "as a result of an odious attack in the occupied town of al-Ayun, Western Sahara, perpetrated by five Moroccan settlers on February 3."

Haidallah was subsequently arrested and tortured in spite of his serious health condition, nearing death, and didn't receive the required assistance or care in police stations, courts and hospitals," Abdelaziz added in his letter. SPS