PM. David Cameron urged to intervene to bring justice to Haidala (letter)

London, 05/06/2015 (SPS).- “Friends of Western Sahara”, a British NGO based in north Wales, has stressed on the urgent need to intervene before the Moroccan authorities to bring justice to Takbar Haddi, the mother of Mohamed Lamine Haidala, a young Saharawi who was killed by Moroccan settlers.
In a letter addressed to Mr. David Cameron on May 22nd, the NGO shed light on the critical situation of Takbar Haddi who has been staging an open hunger strike since the 15th of May denouncing the killing of her son, demanding that the killers should be brought to justice and that the body of her beloved son be recovered and buried decently. The letter reminded that “so far, the Moroccan settlers who killed her son have not been arrested and more seriously the Moroccan forces continue raiding her house, attacking, beating and messing out with her house’s belongings to intimidate her family and force it to accept Moroccan authorities blackmail tactics”. The NGO warned that Takbar’s health is seriously deteriorating following the hunger strike and that her life is at stake as “she reiterates her readiness to die if justice is not brought to her son”.

In her battle for dignity, the NGO highlighted that Takbar has been invited to address the European Parliament “ Following a formal invitation, Takbar has addressed the European Parliament on 21st of May and explained her situation before a group of parliamentarians and the press and, then, she came back to the Canary Islands to pursue her hunger strike”.
The letter, at the end, called Mr. David Cameron to uphold all necessary measures to insure the safety of Takbar Haddi by urging the Moroccan authorities to bring justice to her son “we would be most grateful, Mr. David Cameron if you would bring this letter to the urgent attention of the parliament, to intervene before the Moroccan authorities to resolve this human issue that is putting the life of Takbar at stake asking the that justice should be immediately implemented”. SPS