Moroccan authorities threaten director of Media Team for hosting Al Jazeera English TV correspondent

El Aaiun (Occupied Territories) 07/12/15 (SPS) - The Moroccan authorities besieged recently in the occupied city of El Aaiun the home of Sahrawi activist and director of the Media Team, Ahmed Tanji, for hosting  Al Jazeera English TV correspondent journalist Karlos Zurutuza.

The Saharawi activist received insults, threats and degrading comments from the Moroccan police for receiving journalist Karlos Zurutuza, who is also correspondent of other international media.

The journalist, constantly followed and watched by the Moroccan police elements, was in the city to meet with human rights activists such as Aminetu Haidar, Sidi Mohamed Dadach and other.

Al Jazeera English TV correspondent Karlos Zurutuza had visited the Saharawi refugee camps and the liberated zones of Western Sahara in 2012 and conducted an interview with President Mohamed Abdelaziz.

He is an independent journalist and regular contributor to news agency Inter Press Service (IPS). He has worked for more than 10 years for the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, it should be recalled. (SPS)