The West is very sensitive to blackmail with Morocco stability subject (Abdelaziz Rahabi)

Algiers, July 10, 2015 (SPS) .- The West is very sensitive to blackmail with Morocco's stability subject, said Algerian diplomat and former minister of communication, Mr Abdelaziz Rahabi.

In an interview with Le Soir d'Algérie daily, Mr. Rahabi said that the West is very sensitive to blackmail with Morocco's stability subject, adding that "so, there is an idea propagated among some governments, security experts and in task forces that the independence of Western Sahara could lead to instability in the kingdom. On the contrary, we believe that the settlement of the Saharawi question should consolidate Morocco and the Maghreb".

According to Mr. Rahabi, "it is undeniable that without the support of France, Spain and the American complacency, Morocco would never have shown such arrogance and rigidity in its positions vis -to-vis to Western Sahara. This multifaceted and full support specially from these countries, which is the cause of the Moroccan intransigence and explains in large part the freezing of contact between Saharawis and Moroccans and slow down the UN process".
Regarding his country position on Western Sahara conflict, Rahabi highlighted that "the Algerian position has a quality that all partners recognize which is its constancy. Since 1975, we defend that position. We didn't give up neither to crisis, nor blackmail, nor to foreign pressure, nor to the time. We always said that it was a question of decolonization and, as such, the international community has a responsibility".

 "What may constitute an evolution in the Algerian diplomacy is that this issue will gradually return to the African Union, who should therefore act as a group to advance the dynamic which is slowed down now because of French, Spanish and American pressures", he added. SPS